Casa Banana – Tulum

This place is wonderful!  The service here is impeccable and the food even better.  We were staying at Nueva Vida de Ramiro so we came here for dinner on our first night.  The atmosphere was amazing.  The dining area is completely open to the elements and you can see the huge brick oven in plain sight.  It was quite amazing to watch – the grill grates to one side and the large burning log fire to the other.

For dinner I had the steak & shrimp skewers that was accompanied by mash potatoes and a stuffed tomato.  Really not sure what was in the tomato but it was tangy and yummy…maybe spinach & something.  Haha I don’t ask enough questions.  I’m too busy trying to not die and go to Heaven.  The filet itself was so juicy and tender and the shrimp…oh how I miss seafood living in the Midwest.  My other half ordered something.  Not sure what it was at this point but I remember thinking you came all the way to the Caribbean and ordered that.  I think it was pasta??? All I know is I tried one of the giant mushrooms it came with and holy ****.  Best, smokiest, most flavorful & orgasmic mushroom ever.
Because we were guests of Nueva Vida we had the pleasure of complimentary breakfast here every morning for the rest of our stay.  The rest of this review will be helpful to those who also stay at NV which I highly recommend.  On our first morning here we assumed that there would be a buffet spread and it would be serve yourself. Nope. We were wrong.  It’s full service.  Coffee, fresh juice of the day, fresh fruit medley and a fresh loaf of bread & butter.  Are you getting that everything is fresh?  Coffee was rather good I’m somewhat of a snob about coffee.  I typically don’t put milk & sugar but I did this time.  Somehow it was nostalgic to do so.  Being in Mexico and hearing Spanish music in the background reminded me of being at my grandmas as a child and drinking her Folgers coffee with way too much sugar while she listened to her Spanish radio.  But I digress.  There were two juices, watermelon and pineapple.  The pineapple with chaya and mint was def. my favorite.  The fruit medley was the typical pineapple, watermelon and cantaloupe which I quickly gave to my boyfriend.  Blugh!  Never been a fan of cantaloupe.  The bread was delish and over all the perfect breakfast.  I didn’t leave feeling sluggish and full – like I couldn’t put on a swim suit after.

IMG_8941The one thing we felt bad about was that it was full service and we hadn’t had time to get cash the night before (which I found out too late that you can do here in America before you leave. Ooops!).  So we left without tipping that first time but tried to make up for it on the other days.  If you’re staying at NV just keep that in mind.

On another note, I don’t think this place is as pricey as people are saying.  For the 2 of us having 2 entrees, appetizer and two beers we spent about $60 not counting tip.  I really don’t think that’s $$$$.  It’s expensive relative to the restaurants in town but for any American who dines out with alcohol regularly that’s pretty average.  Don’t be deterred by the dollar signs.  You can easily share an entree to keep total bill down.  Or stick with beer instead of cocktails – the beer alone was only 50 pesos.

Definitely come here for dinner one of your nights.IMG_8942


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